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iLounge1.jpg April 03, 2008
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"these Belkin products [voice recorders and media readers] are great examples of how even a company with a track record of producing commodity goods—cables and switch boxes—can make a relatively rapid transformation by focusing on clean, elegant industrial design and the right partnerships...getting creative inspiration from the right source is even more important than making money from an exclusive business deal; as these accessories show, Belkin is the rare company that has done both."

EventMarketer.jpg February 08, 2008
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"The open and airy double-decker was created around a Zen-like theme, with the front designed as a living room and the back as a coffee house-esque relaxation Mecca. [Belkin Booth at CES] "

crunchgear.jpg January 10, 2008
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"[Belkin is] smart enough to include useful stuff with their logo. That’s what schwag is supposed to be, so for their achievement, we salute Belkin."

Forbes1.jpg August 16, 2007
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"Chet talks about his favorite gadget, the Nintendo Wii, for this Forbes “Executive Toy Box” special. "